Leftover Appetizer Trays

     I should have entered this post before the holidays were over, but I wanted to remind you about leftovers.

     We purchased large vegetable appetizer trays for x-mass and new years. You know the ones with the dip in the center and carrots, pea pods, broccoli, celery, and cherry tomatoes surrounding it. I didn't want to waste any of it because they weren't cheap and the veggie's were nice and fresh to begin with. We ate them as snacks for a couple of days and then I needed to use them for cooking.

     Someone I know works for a private fast food restaurant and they ordered the wrong kind of roast beef for the restaurant. Since they couldn't take it back and it was already paid for they gave a few pounds of it to me. My daughter and I had a few sandwiches out of it but grew tired of it after that.

     I had wanted to make a beef stew so I thought why not use the sliced roast beef? I took a pound or so out of the freezer and chopped up the leftover carrots, broccoli, celery, and pea pods and threw them in the broth I made out of the leftover x-mass ham and beef juice. We also had some small white mushrooms, and red, yellow, and green peppers, and potatoes, which I also chopped up and added. Throw in a dash or two of flour and cayenne pepper and we had a wonderfull spicey roast beef stew. Oh, I almost forgot, I threw in about three or four ounces of cream cheese and it was outstanding.

Photo by Ohadweb