So This Is Christmas

     This is my favorite time of the year for trying new and exciting recipes, most importantly for appetizers, snacks, and desserts.

     Of course I love to make any dish but I really adore eating bite size buffet style. I saw this really yummy looking recipe made with lunch meats, turkey, ham, and roast beef slices. The jist of it was that you take a slice of the meat and smear some cream cheese over it. You can then add whatever herbs, spices, or finely chopped vegetables on it and roll them up. Put them in the frig to set and then before serving slice them into smaller pieces.

     The beef rolls had a little horseradish and chopped scallions with cilantro, while the turkey and ham were made a little tamer. Think outside the box, and use what ever you like, maybe some chopped leeks with slivered carrots and pimentos or sliced olives. Have fun and Merry Christmas!