Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts

     I hadn't gone shopping so I didn't have many ingredients, I simply used what I had in my kitchen. I took my boneless skinless chicken breasts and cut a horizontal slit in each one being careful not to cut all the way thru.

     I opened my can of chopped spinach and added very little salt, some pepper, and some ranch dip I had made with sourcream and Hidden Valley ranch powder. Maybe just a tablespoon or so. I mixed it well and stuffed it inside the chicken breasts. I then took two toothpicks each and secured the breast closed. They were not completely sealed. Just enough so that I could carefully turn them over without too much spinach falling out. Very little if any did.

     I heated my frying pan after I sprayed some Pam into them and seared the breasts on both sides. Then I turned down the heat and added a little butter, olive oil, water, and worcestershire sauce and cooked them, turning them over a couple of times so they didn't burn. The liquid kept cooking down, so I had to add water a couple times, but only enough to keep the bottom of the pan wet and the chicken from burning.

     I served it with chopped cucumber pickles mixed with chopped tomatoes, and real mashed potatoes with salt, margarine, pepper, garlic, and milk.

     The end result was both my husband and my son loved it! I only made one piece for each of us but next time plan to make more. By the time I was serving myself they were already looking for seconds on the chicken. Hurray!

     Oh, I almost forgot that I had a packet of peppercorn seasoning to make sauce which I made and used as a gravy for the chicken and the potatoes. The flavors worked perfectly together.


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