Good Use For Spinach

     When I was a kid I hated spinach. My mother didn't make it often but when she did we had to eat it. I liked vegetables and the problem really didn't have anything to do with taste. It was because it was so long and stringy I would choke on it. It wasn't until I was an adult that I tried it again and loved it. I'll eat it cooked or raw.

     Now, understand that my husband and son like simple meals. In fact, my husband would be happy with just a bit of ground beef salted and cooked into a burger or with potatoes. He calls that hamburger stew. I on the other hand love to experiment and fancy things up.

     Anyway, I had this can of chopped spinach I didn't know what to do with so I took a chance that night and made spinach stuffed chicken breasts.

     I had two additional problems. The first is that my husband hates cheese so I can never make anything for him with cheese in it, for him anyway. The second problem is that my oven is broken at the moment, so whatever I make it has to be broiled or stovetop. I do have electric roasters, a microwave, and a couple of crock pots. See my next post to find out how things worked out.