Why We Don't Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables

     This post is the second part of a post I wrote on my other blog, Healthy Life Food

     We looked at the two main reasons I could see for us not eating what we should of fruits and vegetables. The first, as was discussed on Healthy Life Food was afforibility. The second is we simple don't like them.

     While I'm aware that not everyone likes the same things I would first like to point out that there is such a huge variety of produce that if you just experiment a little you would find produce that you do like, or at least could eat daily for the nurtrition.

     My second suggestion is to examine what and why you don't like them.

     Except for carrots and tomatoes which are healthier cooked, most fruits and vegetables are most nutritious eaten raw. However changing the texture could have a lot to do with what you will or won't eat. For instance, I only eat raw apples if they are crispy. I hate soft apples and will not eat them. This does not apply to cooked apples as in apple pie. I love to eat soft cold pears, they are so refreshing, but I have no use for a raw soft pear.

     The same can be said of vegetables. A sandwich just isn't a sandwich without slices of cold tomato on them, but in a salad I just don't like them. I could eat them cold with a shake of salt alone, or I adore salsa, but leave my salads alone, and of course tomato juice or soup I also can't get enough of.

     Then there are the iffy veggies like cucumbers and brussel sprouts. These can be delicious, but they can also be bitter which is a turn off for me. Some don't have much taste alone like avocados, cucumbers, and oranges and just a slight bit of salt can turn you into an addict. You can get used to the taste and like it without the salt, which is healthier for some people. It depends what your body can tolerate and how much sodium you get from other foods during the day.

     So try your produce in different ways and in combination with different seasonings and foods and you may find something you can really begin to enjoy.

Photo by Rusvapluake