With the sudden change in the weather here in the great  midwest, I've been thinking a lot about soups and warm comfort food.

     A couple days ago I made two soups, one a chicken noodle soup and the other a vegetable soup.
I started with a ten pound bag of chicken leg quarters which I bought on sale for .39 cents a pound. I actually started out just wanting to make my own homemade chicken broth but the soup just seemed too good to pass up. So much for the broth!

     Anyway here's a tip when boiling your chicken. Cover the pieces with water. Bring to a boil and let it cook on a low boil, which I did. However nice it is to boil it till the meat falls off the bones be careful as I discovered boiling it too long some of the bones fall off also. I was unaware of this and have these small pieces of ribbed bone structures among my noodles and veggies. You are supposed to strain the broth but I did not do that carefully enough. Come back tomorrow for more about my soups!

Photo by Robert S. Donovan