More About My Soups

      Here's more about my chicken soup. I used tongs to take out the bigger pieces of chicken and a large spoon with holes to take out the smaller pieces. You really are supposed to then run it through cheesecloth or a strainer, but I did not.

     What I did do was put the pot of broth in the frig so that the fat would rise to the top for removal and I stripped the chicken itself for acceptable pieces for eating. Then I took a sharp knife and cut the chicken into small pieces for the soup. I had so much chicken that I set some aside for another use.

     At no time did I add any salt. I'm retaining a lot of water lately and I know that for me it's the sodium and table salt, along with fast food and bags of snacks, but that's another blog.

     In my kitchen my base ingredients for most of my recipes are garlic, onions, celery, and green peppers. So of course I added these to the chicken broth while the chicken was cooking.

     The next morning I skimmed off the fat and added some chopped baby carrots and the egg noodles, along with some pepper. For the rest of my family they could add their own salt at the table. Of course there are a lot of options for flavor with different herbs and spices, but I decided to keep it simple this time. I froze a couple containers and refrigerated a couple for eating right away.

     It was delicious! Low cost, low fat, and low sodium. What more could you ask of soup?