I have some of my wonderful onion soup left over so I thought I would share with you what I've done with it.

I happen to like hot dogs and once in awhile I like to have a New York style dog with mustard and grilled onions. So when I made my hot dogs I heated up the onion soup and used a spoon with holes so that I just collected the cooked onions. They were so good on the hot dog!

You can save the broth and freeze it for later use. Use it as a substitute for plain water in making instant mash potatoes, or even as a moist base for a season rub for meats. You can marinate meat in it or put it in with your favorite roast and use it for basting. After the roast is done and cut into slices top with some of the cooked onions.


Angelface79 said...

Wow your blog is so original. I love the food and recipe tips. I will definitely be trying some of them out! Thanks for the great post!