Some people can enjoy a piece of fruit or a plate of cooked vegetables. I understand that a lot of people just don't like them that way. However they are so important that even if you have to doctor them up a bit to make them tasty, you should and need to do that.

I happen to love soup, my husband doesn't care for it, but if you're like me, soup is a great way to get your veggies in. Don't be afraid to just open a can and add some veggies to it. Or you could make your own soup from scratch. If you are trying to loose weight and eat healthy, start with a low-sodium chicken, vegetable, or beef broth and add fresh, canned , or frozen veggies to it. If you find you can't eat it because it lacks enough flavor for you, go ahead and add a bit of salt to taste. I have a problem with salt so what I do is shake some hot sauce into it. It is the only thing I have found that gives enough flavor to be palatable. If you are watching your sodium intake make sure you count the amount in the hot sauce and deduct it from you personal daily allowance.