Two recent studies have shown that Americans are not eating their five servings of fruits and veggies a day. As a matter of fact, they are eating less than they were several years ago. To make matters worse, doctors now suggest that more is better and five servings is not nearly enough. They say that an average adult should consume seven to thirteen cups every day.

Vegetables are doing even worse than fruits are. These are power foods. They are good for your body, it needs them, and if you knew what your body goes through to keep you alive and healthy, you would gladly reward it by giving it what it needs.

Maybe it would help to think of yourself as two separate entities who are tied together and must work together. Call one your spirit or soul or even just your consciousness and the other the body you inhabit. Can't go on in this life without the body, so make your choice. Keep being a weak willed individual and keep feeding it crap, or be mature and do the right thing.

My kids are now adults at 20 and 22 and they love fruits and vegetables. I really believe that they do because I never forced the kids to eat them. Early on the kids doctor told me that their bodies would tell them what they need and just to offer the produce. I made it available, I ate it and the kids just followed suit. I believe that if you force the food they will push it away even more.