Things were so different when I was a child. We lived in a two flat and had family upstairs, so holidays were both apartments together. My grandfather who lived on the second floor with my grandma, aunt and uncle, loved holidays and kept many traditions. The one I miss most, and that meant the most to me was at Christmas dinner.

As the whole family sat around the table we would pass this thin wafer around. It was much like that of the host used in mass, but was a large square. There were also several little finger bowls filled with honey. One by one we would each break off a little piece, make a wish for the new year and say what we were thankful for from the old one, then dipped the wafer in honey and ate it , and passed the bigger piece to the next person so they could do the same.

Other people have other great traditions, see some of those at

I think traditions are very important. It is something that binds a family from generation to generation, and I give a lot of credit to those who still have them!