I was on a diet where I had to eat a certain amount of veggies. The portions sounded small enough, in fact too small. One third or one half cup. However when I put my dinner together on the plate I was overwhelmed with veggies. One of the sides was two tomatoes which I served to myself raw and sliced.

It was too much! I had a nightmare that evening about it. I think now if I had been a little more creative, it wouldn't have seemed like such a chore eating them. So if you want to use tomatoes as a side, let's make a quick list off the top of our heads of how we can serve them.

  • chop them, add chunks of feta, or mozzarella cheese, chopped cooked onion, and top with an oil and vinegar dressing.
  • slice them and add a slice of your favorite cheese, heat to melt the cheese and serve
  • stuff cherry tomatoes with nufenchal cheese
  • cut tomatoes in half and stuff with your favorite salad
  • wedge tomato and cook with chunks of pineapple, onion, and greenpepper
  • dice and use for salsa
  • stuff with pasta, or macaroni and cheese
  • eat whole and raw, like an apple