I have fallen in love with zucchini. Relax, it's not what you think. It's good for you, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Zucchini bread is loved by many, but I came across a great idea about a new way to enjoy it as part or all of any lunch or dinner.

Take the zucchini and peel the skin off with a potato peeler. Continue to peel the entire zucchini into long strips. I prefer to steam mine. Once cooked they resemble wide egg noodles. From there just use your imagination. I like to spray mine with what I call the "fake butter". It has nothing in it but flavor, no fat, no sodium, no calories, nothing, and it tastes like butter or margarine. I then sprinkle a little salt on it and some pepper and it's ready to serve! I consider it a real treat. It's not fattening at all, is good for you and tastes great!


Deborah Ng said...

We grow zucchini and it's a favorite of ours as well. I shred a bunch of it and freeze it for my famous Christmas zucchini bread - everyone I love gets a loaf or two.

In the summer we love this simple recipe:

Peel zucchini and slice lengthwise. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and peppter. Place on the gril for a minute or two each side. The grill brings out the zucchini's inherint sweetness and it's a wonderful side dish.

Cookingfor5 said...

We love Zucchini in our house too. It was quite a struggle getting DH to try it, but at an asian recipe the chef got him to taste some and he wouldn't believe me about what he was eating.

Our favorite ways to eat it is grilled with salt and pepper or soy sauce. We love the add mushrooms and summer squash to the dish also. Yum! I grew up on the Zucchini cakes, and breads. No one ever knows what is in those things. It is so funny.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this zucchini-noodle thing but with the addition of carrot sliced in the same manner; then I have a colorful gluten-free pasta that I boil briefly and drizzle with olive oil, parmesan, and maybe some herbs.