Yum! The awesome avocado is creamy and delicious, but be careful the avocado is high in calories. Let's talk about how to pick a ripe one and once you've brought it home , how to open it.
Haas avocados are the most popular of all the varieties of which there are over 500. California produces most of the avocados we buy in our markets.
You can tell if the avocado is ripe because the Haas variety has a green skin that turns almost black when ripe. If you squeeze it gently with the palm of your hand it will not be hard and will "give" a little. Don't buy one that's too black and too soft. Those are overripe and the lovely fruit inside will have a lot of black spots.
When the avocado is ripe and soft it can be a pain to peel, so don't try to peel it. Just take a knife and cut just a bit into the skin all the way around and then twist the two halves open. You can then just squeeze and the pit and the creamy fruit will pop out easily.
Add a little salt and enjoy or put in a salad, on a sandwich, or make some wonderful guacamole!