Tomatoes !

I have just read my sales paper and see that tomatoes are on sale for 39 cents a pound. Since I have no life this is exciting news! That means today will be pico de gallo day.
Pico de gallo is like a salsa. I learned how to make it from a chain restaurant that I was waitressing at some years ago. I am passing on the recipe to those of you who like fresh salsa but don't want to pay three or four dollars a pound for it. Also by home making it you can control the hotness and flavor yourself. I warn you though, I do not measure anything in this recipe. You simply add the ingredients to taste.
You will need tomatoes, onions, lime juice, jalapeños, and cilantro.
If I can't get tomatoes on sale and the price is high, then I add cucumber to the recipe which allows me use less tomato and stretch the recipe. Also, you can use a hot sauce like Tabasco instead of the jalapeños if you like.
Many people do not like cilantro. I tried making this without it, but it lacked something. This recipe needs the cilantro, so just add a little if your not crazy about it. It adds just the right flavor.
Dice the tomato and onion into small bits. Chop the cilantro as fine as you can. The jalapeño should be cleaned of seeds and diced fine also. Squeeze the lime juice into the mix and if you want you can add salt, pepper and a little garlic. The key is remember that the tomato is the main ingredient and the others are to taste.
Pico de gallo is great with tortilla chips, or a topping for nachos, tacos, or tostadas. You will even enjoy it on a baked potato. I've got to go now, my tomatoes are calling!