Lemons and Limes

If you are watching what you eat like I am trying to do, try this for a fast refreshing summer drink. Cut up a lime and a lemon. Squeeze the juice from both into a glass, saving one slice of each for the rim of the glass. Add some Splenda or other sweetener, cold water, and fill with crushed ice.
MMmmmmmmmmm. Refreshing, healthy for you, and pretty in a tall glass!
(The sections of the lemon and lime that I squeeze I usually just leave in the bottom of my glass for extra flavor and eye appeal!)


Gaby said...

I really love your blog. I like very much vegetables and fruits ( I love cooking also) and your pictures are marvellous.

HappySlob said...


:) I love this idea! I'm a huge citrus fan and this sounds refreshing and yummy this summer.

Take care,