Make Use of Your Cresent Rolls or Puff Pastry

     You can use this idea for fruits or vegetables. If you've got a family that just doesn't like vegetables, try getting some puff pastry or dough for cresent rolls. Melt some margarine and add some of your favorite shredded cheese to it. Get a brush and brush some of the mixture onto the dough. Add some finely chopped veggies on top of that and roll it up.

     You can do it in individual slices or pieces or like I did the puff pastry, one long roll. Once I had mine rolled, I sliced it up carefully into pinwheels and laid them on the greased cookie sheet. With the oven pre-heated according to the doughs instruction, I gave it a last brush of margarine and shred more cheese on top.

     They were golden brown, flaky and delicious. Yummmm! Next time I'll try a different kind of vegetable and I'll wait till the last 3-5 minutes of baking time to add the top cheese.