Sweet Crispy Salad

     The grocery store I shop at had a good sale on sweet red peppers and tomatoes so I took the oppurtunity to make a wonderfully filling, cool, sweet, and crisp salad. Here's what I put in.

Shredded carrots
Black olives cut in half
Sliced cucumber
Rings of sweet onion
Strips of sweet red pepper
Diced tomatoes
Crumbly Mexican Ranchero cheese for topping

Use whatever dressing you like, however the healthiest I believe is to combine 2 parts extra virgin olive oil and one part red wine vinegar. Best serving idea is to put your homemade dressing into a spray bottle and just spray the salad or serve it on the side. You may also want to use Feta cheese instead of the Ranchero or leave off completely. If I had a few chopped walnuts, this salad would have been even better.