Frozen Veggies and Fruit

     If you don't have the time or the money to buy fresh veggies, buy frozen. Even store brands of frozen veggies are better than canned. Canned vegetables have a very high content of sodium and let's face it, they're mushy and have a weird flavor to them from the can.

     Bags of frozen vegetables can be bought on sale for as little as 69 cents sometimes and they are quick to prepare and still retain some of the original taste and crunch of a fresh vegetable. Compare them to the canned and you'll never go back.

     Frozen fruit can be a little expensive, but still are cheaper than fresh. As a matter of fact the only strawberries I will purchase now are the frozen ones. Strawberries should be refrigerated and they never are in the store. Plus I can barely find a pint that doesn't have some mold on at least one berry, and if one has it chances are they all have the mold spores on them.

     I use my little Bullet Blender and toss it full of strawberries, some sweetener, and fill the rest with skim milk. Do this while the berries are still frozen. Blend the drink and you've got an ice cream substitute. Cold, sweet, and delicious!


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