• If your raisins are stuck together or dried out, soak them in warm water or apple juice for a half an hour.
  • When stuffing mushrooms, crack off the stem and then use a small melon baller to scoop out more of the mushroom for extra stuffing room.
  • To prevent cabbage from turning brown, soak it in cold water, with a little bit of vinegar. Drain it and store it in a plastic bag for no more than two weeks.
  • When buying bags of frozen vegetables, test the quality by shaking the bag. If the contents are stuck together that means they've thawed and been refrozen.
  • Keep bunches of cilantro fresh by standing up in a glass of water and covering with a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
  • Roast a large head of garlic and use for a spread instead of margarine or butter. It's very flavorful and almost fat free.
  • Green onions can easily be substituted for leeks in any recipe.
  • If your cut potatoes are turning brown simmer them in milk for a couple minutes and they will turn white again.
  • Keep juice from canned fruits (except for pineapple) to use when making flavored gelatin. Simply replace some of the cold water for the juice.
  • Frozen peas are much better than canned to use in cooking or baking recipes because canned peas get very mushy after just a few minutes of cooking. They are better to use in salads also because they keep the salad cold while they thaw and they add just the right crispness.


Brianna Young said...

Awesome tips! Thanks for that!