Now that we've finished our last couple of slices of leftover turkey, I want to pass a personal delicious idea to you.

I love sandwiches and warm turkey sandwiches are no exception. When I build a sandwich I want everything on it, like in the old Dagwood and Blondie cartoons. It ends up being more than you can get in even a big mouth like mine.

Having said all that, here is me controlling myself for one heck of a sandwich. Soft fresh bread, warm turkey slices and mayonnaise with a spread of cranberry sauce right on the turkey. To make it easier why not blend the mayo in advance with some cranberry sauce. That way your cranberry mayo is ready to go.

It makes a quick and delicious lunch or snack. Speaking of snacks, how about if we take out that leftover turkey from the freezer that we made at Thanksgiving, get some cocktail pumpernickel or favorite cracker, put some turkey and a smear of our cranberry mayo, and serve it as an appetizer before Christmas dinner? You can even put the turkey in your food processor with the cran-mayo and use it as a hot or even cold dip for your favorite bread, cracker, chip, or vegetable. MMMMmmmmmmmmm !