The Beauty Of Orange

When I was training to become an activity director, an very wise teacher taught us something important about using the senses. She used an orange as an example and I'd like to pass it along to you.
One of the reasons we can enjoy something is that we use more than one of our senses to take it in.
Put an orange in front of you on a table. Sight is first. Look at the beautiful orange color and the roundness of this fruit. If you can look even closer you can see the texture too. Then pick it up. Touch. Can you feel the coolness, and the pebbly texture? Smell. Put it to your nose and breathe in the wonderful freshness. Sound. Listen close as you tear the peel and expose more of the aroma. Pull apart the segments and watch as a gentle spray of the juice bursts into the air filling your nose further, making your mouth water. Taste. Pop a segment into your mouth and feel the texture as you chew.
Now that's how to enjoy an orange!