Last Minute Carrot Recipe

     The other day I was putting dinner together. I had the meat and potatoes but I also had a bag of carrots. I like carrots but I wanted to make them a little special. It just so happened that I had a bottle of lo-cal pancake syrup on the counter. I squirted some on the carrot coins and seasoned them with salt. AWESOME!

     I like sweet and adding the salt completed the flavors to another level. Since I used diet syrup I didn't feel too bad about using it, and I didn't overdue it so the wonderful carrot taste shone through. Quick, easy, cheap and your kids might love it.

     Plus I steamed the carrots after I peeled the tougher outer layer and sliced them into coins. As you know when you boil many veggies they say you lose nutrients, but where do they go? They go into the water you boil them in. So if you do boil vegetables save the water and use it when your cooking calls for water, or save it in the fridge or freezer for future meals or soups. My mom always said " Waste not, want not ". photo credit: Dey via photopin cc