Learning the Tasteless Way

     In case you haven't noticed there are certain produce items you do not want to waste your money on. That means out of season fruits are out of taste. The apples have become mealy, the grapes bitter, and the watermelon just hard and bland, not sweet like they are in summer. You may have a taste for them but you will be disappointed.

     If you want a real treat buy a couple pomegranates or as we used to call them, "Indian apples". They are in season now for a very short time and tend to be a little expensive, but treat them right and you can get a lot out of one.

     To refresh your memory on how to prepare one, first cut or break into one cracking it wide open. Have a bowl of cool water handy and begin to pull out the membranes that are holding the seeds. pull the seeds out not worrying if the membrane is attached. when you separate them and put both in the bowl of water you'll see that the seeds sink down to the bottom while the other parts float to the top where you can just pick them out easily. Once you have the whole thing done you can throw away the floaters and drain the plump juicy seeds from the water. Put them in a container in the frig and enjoy them whenever you want. You can eat the entire seed, but I like to just pop a bunch in my mouth and chew the wonderful, flavorful juice till just the inner seed part is left and then I just spit them out. You won't be sorry, they are great and very good for your body too.