Avocado Eggroll

     The other day my son took me to a restaurant that had American food with an Asian twist. He had been there several times before and loved the food. In particular he was hooked on these avocado egg rolls. He insisted on ordering them for me to try. They were incredible though a little expensive.

     They were small and served sliced down the middle lengthwise. The filling was of course avocado and they were served with an amazing sauce. The main flavor in the sauce was cilantro and it was green.

     In the near future I''m going to try to make this, though I know I won't get it exactly. I didn't detect any tomatoes, so I'm thinking the sauce is olive oil, a little avocado, seasoning, and cilantro. The avocado stuffing in the spring roll seemed very simple as well. Maybe some simple seasoning with avocado, lemon or lime, and minced onion and carrot.

     Whatever's in it, it was unique and delicious. If you are an adventurous cook try making this yourself and if you hit upon a good recipe for it leave a comment and share it with us.

Photo by Karen and Brad Emerson


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