What's Good Now

     Just a short post to remind you not to waste your money on certain fruits and vegetables. I'm in the midwest and can tell you that green and red grapes are very small tart and of poor quality right now. They are on some good sales right now, but that's because they are having trouble selling them. I like my grapes to be crisp, and sweet so I am waiting another month or so till they hit peak season.

     The same goes for melons especially watermelons. They just aren't good out of season. They are not sweet or crisp inside. I have decided to just pass them up and wait.

     I have been finding fantastic savings on grape and cherry tomatoes and when you buy them and they appear smooth without wrinkles, they are wonderful and just pop in your mouth. Great for salads of course, they are even better as snacks.

Photo thanks go to Pamela Heywood