Orange Juice With Extra Anchovies Please!

     We all know by now that Omega 3 is very important to our health. The problem is that even if you really like to eat fish, you still can't have it too often because of the mercury and other chemicals.

     Well Tropicana Orange Juice has a solution for that problem.Why not just put the omega 3 into the orange juice? People will not have salmon twice a day but they will have a couple glasses of orange juice. So that's exactly what they did. They put omega 3 in their heart healthy orange juice. I think it's a great idea and to be honest I have not tried the juice yet, however to get the omega 3 into the juice they extracting it from tilapia, sardines, and anchovies and mixing it with the juice.

     So here's my question, has anybody out there tried this yet? Please leave a comment if you have, the rest of us want to know how drinkable the juice is with the fish.