Change of Seasons, Change of Fruits

     We live in the Midwest and went grocery shopping the other day. The store had seedless watermelons on sale and black seedless grapes. Realizing that summer is over I thought it would be great to have one last lovely sweet watermelon. I was however disappointed when I got it home and cut into it. The color was pale, not the deep reddish color we're used to. The taste and the texture were off also, and I knew the last time we had watermelon was the last of the good ones.

     The grapes were borderline. Could have been a little sweeter but overall, were still large sweet and juicy.So what's a mom to do fruitwise? Well the aswere came when I entered the "aisle of apples". What a wonderful variety they had. They were great apples and we bought and are more than just a few.

     Remember when buying your favorite fruit, that when it's out of season you lose both taste and quality.