Ever wonder what those numbers on the tiny stickers placed on your fruit means? First those stickers are called the PLU which means Price Lookup. The four or five digit numbers tell you how the fruit was grown.

Fruit that was conventionally grown, meaning with chemicals, has a four digit number. Fruit that was organically grown consists of five numbers always beginning with the number 9. Other fruit that was engineered genetically have a five digit number that always begins with the number 8.

Most grocery stores like to tell customers when the produce is grown organically, but don't want to advertise that fruit was altered or grown with chemicals, so these stickers are there to let us know. The fact that most people don't know what the numbers mean isn't their concern.
The more educated we are about the food we buy, the better choices we can make.


Anonymous said...

Good to know. I will be paying closer attention in the produce section.