I had never heard of a mangosteen before but found some juice that contained it and it was fantastic tasting, so I thought I would find out more about it.

People who have had the pleasure of trying the fruit say it's the best tasting fruit they've ever had. It comes from trees that grow 8 years before they bear the fruit but once the fruit comes it grows hardly and without fail. It's grown in the Philippines and Thailand and in our country only in Hawaii. We have none here because they say pests can be in the rind of the fruit and be released to damage some of our other crops.

Mangosteens have nothing to do with mangos in case you were wondering. They are purple and can be eaten they say by gently crushing the outer part and it falls into sections usually 4 to 8.

You can buy them canned in this country but they say the taste is nothing compared to the fresh fruit. Until they figure out how to safely import them I guess we'll have to be satisfied with the juice.


FollowUp1 said...

Fresh mangosteen is now available in the U.S. It is irradiated to remove the threat of agri pests, but you can buy it and specialty produce retailers, and on www.friedas.com