• If you buy your potatoes in a bag, pick out any that have started to sprout or shrivel, and store them in a cool, dry, place where they'll stay fresh for a couple weeks.

  • Do not store potatoes with onions. The gases that come from the onions will spoil the potatoes.

  • Put peaches in a brown paper bag to ripen and make juicier for one or two days at room temperature, then store them in the frig for just a few days. Any longer that that and they will become less juicy.

  • You can freeze berries by washing them and laying them on a flat cookie sheet. Put in freezer and when they are frozen you can transfer them to a plastic sealed bag.

  • If you use jarred maraschino cherries don't throw the juice away. You can use it to add some color and flavor to lemonaid, ice tea, or ice water.

  • The best apple to use for homemade apple pie is the Jonathon. If you can't get the Jonathons try using Granny Smith with McIntosh.

  • When choosing squash skip the large ones and go for the small to medium and make sure they feel heavy and solid. The oversize ones tend to be less tender, and if they are light they may be a bit dry inside.

  • Make your own breadcrumbs by using dry day old bread. Cut off the crusts, tear the rest into pieces and put in a food processor on pulse. You can add seasoning and use them to top a hot vegetable dish.

  • To soften hardened brown sugar put a piece of soft bread or slice of apple and seal. Leave for a day to soften.

  • If you don't have fresh herbs for a recipe you can use dried, but reduce to one third as much as called for.

  • To slow down guacamole from browning, cover the top with plastic wrap and put into an airtight container in the frig.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and will find them helpful in your kitchen!


Shelly said...

Great tips! Some I knew and a few I didn't. Love your blog since I love to cook!