These food pairing ideas come from the American Dairy Association. When setting up your holiday trays remember these few tips

  • set out a variety so everyone gets something they like
  • you needn't set out more than 5 varieties of any one category, 4 or 5 is recommended
  • a sherbet or bubbly wine like champagne helps to clear the palette for a new taste
  • cheese is very filling so if you are also serving dinner, limit quantities on the trays
  • use colorful or decorative trays to make each more interesting
Here are some pairing suggestions

  1. Asiago cheese with crusty breads, grapes and Merlot, syrah, or Cabernet sauvignon
  2. Cheddar with apples, grapes, cherries and dark breads, and Merlot or syrah
  3. Havarti with pears, grapes, dark bread and sauvignon blanc or pinot noir
  4. Monterey Jack with peaches, plums and zinfandel, sauvignon blanc, or merlot
  5. Mozzarella with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, olives, french or Italian breads, and pinot noir or sauvignon blanc.
  6. Parmesan with raisins, figs, and a heavy bread, and Riesling or sauvignon blanc
  7. Swiss with cherries, grapes, and pumpernickel, and pinot noir, sauvignon blanc or cabornet sauvignon.