If you don't have one of these or a similar method to store your lettuce, you must get one before you buy another head of lettuce!

When you bring back lettuce from the market it's so-so as far as crisp, and if you just throw it in your vegetable bin in the cello it came in, it will get limper and limper until it wilts.

For the freshest crispest lettuce always, you need to take it out of the cello it comes it. Hit the rind of the lettuce against the counter or table and with your fingers grab hold of the rind and pull it out. Rinse well under cool running water making sure to get between the leaves. If you have a salad spinner now's the time to use it. If not, just shake the wet head in the sink to remove the excess water. Place the head into the lettuce keeper and refrigerate. You will not believe the beautiful crisp lettuce you will have!

This is not just lettuce... broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage will also benefit from storage in this ingenious lettuce keeper. Spike design of our lettuce keeper holds the vegetable, allowing cool, moist air to circulate from the reservoir below (also catches drips), and the lid keeps perfect humidity. Lettuce keeper is plastic, dishwasher safe. 7" high x 8" diameter.
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