We usually use lettuce in two ways, the first is for salad and the second is on a sandwich, but lettuce can be used in a third way.

Try using it as a wrapper instead of a high carb tortilla or bread. Take a good size leaf or two and put tuna salad, chicken salad, lunch meat, or vegetables in it and roll. It's tasty, crunchy, and healthy.

You may also want to use a sturdy leaf to top an open sandwich, using just one slice of bread for the base and the lettuce on top.

Lettuce has high levels of potassium and vitamin A, and very few calories and carbs. Choose lettuce that does not have wilted edges or brown spots.

When you get the lettuce home from the market. wash it in cool water, drain or spin it and wrap it in a sealed bag or container. Put it in your vegetable bin in the fridge, or other equally cool spot. You'll be surprised at how crisp and fresh the lettuce will become even if you did not buy it that way.