The other day I saw a commercial for a new product they called "green bags". They showed fruit and vegetables that were purchased at the same time but half were stored in these green bags and half were stored in either containers or plastic bags. Weeks later the produce that was stored in the regular fashion were rotting whereas the half stored in the green bags remained fresh.

They explained that the produce gives off a kind of gas and regular storage just recirculates that gas which in turn causes rot. The green bags are different because they absorb the gas keeping the produce fresh for much longer periods of time. What's even nicer is each bag can be reused up to ten times!

I am hoping they work as well as they claim because I mostly buy produce on sale so I buy more than I need at the present moment but I end up throwing a lot of it away that my family hasn't used in time.

Keep your eyes open for this product and when I get mine I'll let you know how well they work.