Cucumbers are related to the watermelon and zucchini in the squash family. They are high in fiber and water and contain vitamin c. One cup of sliced cucumber is only about 13 calories and no carbs. cup of sliced cucumber is only about 13 caloriesand no carbs...

Cucumber should be kept cool and not left out at room temperature where they can become limp. Do not choose a cucumber that has wrinkled ends, they should be firm and rounded. Do not choose one that is yellowed , they should be medium to dark green.

Some cucumbers are waxed. If you purchase those, it's best to peel the cucumber since the wax is not good to eat. Otherwise wash the cucumber and leave the skin on for more nutrients.

My mom made two different cucumber salads for us as I was growing up. The first began here in the Midwest and has cucumber, sweet onion chopped, with a dressing of vinegar , sugar, and water to taste.

The second salad is sliced cucumber, chopped sweet onion, salt, and sour cream.

I made a great salad the other day using the same sliced cucumber, chopped sweet onions, but for the dressing I used two parts olive oil to one part balsamic vinegar. It was wonderful!

Cucumbers are a great food, get some today!