A leek is part of the onion and garlic family. It looks like a large scallion but has a milder flavor. They are available all year but they are best from fall to spring. Since they are a part of the garlic and onion family of vegetables called the Allium family, they also contain the same health benefits.
Eating them at least twice a week lessens the chance of colon and prostate cancers. It also helps to reduce cholesterol overall and lowers the bad and raises the good hdl. Leeks can also help lower high blood pressure and because of the combination of nutrients they contain, it also it good for stabilizing blood sugar, meaning its low on the glycemic scale.


Leeks should not be wilted, but firm. The leaves should be dark green and the necks white. Do not buy them if they are yellowing or are bruised and cracked. Try not to choose the overly large diameter ones, the perfect leeks should be an inch or inch and a half in diameter at most.


To keep them for up to two weeks in the refrigerator don't trim or wash them, just put them in an unsealed plastic bag. You can also freeze them for two or three months by blanching them first for no more than three minutes. Be aware they will loose a little quality, having them fresh is much better. After you've cooked them, only store them in the frig for a couple days, they won't be very good if stored cooked for longer.

Be sure to wash them before using by cutting the neck in half length wise and making sure the water gets in between the layers.

Leeks are a wonderful vegetable and there are many recipes and salads that contain them, so be healthy and enjoy!