Here in the great Midwest it's time for pumpkin picking! The bright orange color of pumpkins tells you it is full of beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in the body.

One cup of cooked pumpkin has 49 calories, 2g protein, 12g carbs, and 3g fiber. If you are buying a pumpkin for cooking you will look for a smaller pumpkin with a long stem. If you buy one with too short a stem it could be going bad faster than normal. If you're getting one simply for carving than a big one is just fine. The smaller ones just tend to have sweeter pulp.

Beside the carving the next best pumpkin activity is preparing the seeds for snacking. Make it a family affair! The seeds are very slimy and hard to grab which makes it more fun! Try to get as much of the fiber off the seeds as you can. Then boil 2 tbsp. salt and 2 quarts water. Add two cups of seeds and boil for ten minutes. Then remove seeds and pat dry. Put your oven on 250 degrees, and take the seeds and toss them either with unsalted butter or oil. Spread them out and cook on cookie sheet for about a half hour to 40 minutes, stirring about every ten or so.
Remove and cool. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!