I found a rather easy way for us city folk to store extra tomatoes for the winter. I have a lot of forum friends who did their canning, but living in a big city, I usually just buy tomatoes as I need them, and rely on ready made pastes, sauces, and tomato juices.

This works best if you have one of those vacuum sealers, however I don't so I used press-n-seal plastic and ziplock bags for storage. Here's how I did mine. I took my roma tomatoes and made an x with a knife at the core end and then immersed them in boiling water for about 45 seconds to a minute. Then I immediately plunged them into a bowl of ice water. The skins slid right off! I was told the skins would be too tough in relation to the rest of the tomato. Quarter them and squeeze out the water and seeds and let them drain a little more on paper towels or in a colander, just a few minutes. Place in an airtight plastic bag or jar and freeze quickly.

This method is not exact but should give you good results, with better flavor and more vitamins than commercial products.

If you have any further advice for storing easily those leftover tomatoes please let me know so I can share the information with my readers. Likewise, let me know how they come out later.