Even though they are not good for me, one of my favorite foods is a well dressed hot dog. As a matter of fact, I love the veggies on them so much that there usually is not room on the bun for everything. My husband said just not to put all the veggies I want on it, but I like my idea better. I decided to by french bread rolls instead. They are a lot bigger than regular hot dog buns, and for even more room I've start slitting my dog through half way leaving it open for the veggies to get inside of.

There are several styles of hot dogs I like a lot. The first and to me the most basic is mustard, raw onions, and tomatoes, or caramelized onions in place of the raw.
Next is the same as above with added chili. Now when I make these at home, I chop the onions and the tomatoes small so that you get a bit of each in every bite. It seems a little more difficult to eat when the tomatoes are cut into wedges.

To make my super-dog, I use mustard, raw onions, cooked onions, chopped tomatoes, thin long slices of cucumber, a bit of chili, and topped with sauerkraut. I have a couple pickle slices and sport peppers on the side.

There is a new mustard that is chili flavored and I use that when I can it has a wonderful taste.

The sauerkraut we make is not sour, but sweet. We take regular sauerkraut and boil, rinse, and squeeze it out, three times. Then you add some water and a good amount of sugar and heat till hot.

I don't care for relish, however I have had an unusually delicious relish at a hot dog stand. I don't know the name of it but it was very bright green in color and tasted sweeter and less tart then the usual.

Remember also the most important thing in making a hot dog is to properly steam the buns.
I know this is not a healthy meal, but every once in a while this is a great comfort food and very filling with all the toppings and larger bun.