Here are some nutritional facts about our beautiful, colorful, aromatic, favorite berries.

RASPBERRIES, contain in one cup, 60 calories, 15g of carbs, 0g of fat, 1g of protein and almost half your daily supply of vitamin C. In addition it provides 8g of fiber, 0 sodium and cholesterol, and a whole lot of flavor.

BLUEBERRIES, for a one cup serving contain, 80 calories, 5g of fiber, 0 sodium and cholesterol, 21g of carbs, and 1g of protein, and they are very high on the list of foods to provide anti cancer agents.

STRAWBERRIES, about eight average berries contain 45 calories, 12g of carbs, 0 fat and cholesterol, and 1g of protein. It also contain more than 100 percent of your daily need of vitamin C.

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