Grapefruit got its' name from the way it grows in clusters, like grapes. It has no sodium, fats or cholesterol, and has an abundance of vitamin C. It also is a goo source of calcium and vitamin A.

Use grapefruit in salads, squeeze for juice, or place fresh cut slices on chicken breasts and roast or broil.

Grapefruit has traditionaly been used as a breakfast food, served with sugar or other sweetener on top, but you can also serve it broiled with brown sugar and use as an appetizer or snack.

If you are lucky enough to live in Florida,you can enjoy fresh grapefruit all year around.Some people have bought an Orlando vacation home from Lowrey and can not only enjoy fresh citrus fruit, but the multitude of other benefits the Orlando area has to offer.

Orlando has seven counties and is perfect for everyone, from retirees, to young families. Beside the citrus industry, the area is hugely involved in tourism.
People like to vacation there because of the climate,the theme parks, and the great neighborhoods, not to mention the wonderful sunny beaches.

So if you can take a picnic brunch including fresh grapefruit and drive to the country hills of Orlando and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!